The Victoria Branch of the BC Registered Music Teachers has awarded the 2017 Hilda King Theory Award for Grade 9 Harmony to VCM Theory student Vicka Pluzhnikova for receiving the highest mark on her Royal Conservatory of Music Grade 9 Harmony examination.

Vicka wrote the Grade 9 Harmony examination during the May session and went on to write the Grade 10 Harmony examination after attending the Summer Theory Academy in July. Vicka deserves a special note of congratulations for receiving First Class Honours on both examinations!

Vicka is currently in grade 11 at Mount Douglas Secondary School and has a strong interest in sciences and math. Vicka enjoys ballet and piano and is working towards her ARCT.

Vicka studies piano with Ya Lin Hung and Harmony with Crystal Wiksyk at the VCM.

Congratulations Vicka!

You can see her write up on the VCM website here

Crystal’s Harmony students do very well every year! Past recipients of the Hilda King theory award include:


Kiani Brownridge for Grade 9 Harmony

Isobel Glover for Grade 10 Harmony

Check out their write ups on the VCM website here


Ryan Fang for Grade 9 Harmony

Theodore Wu for Grade 10 Harmony


Emma Smith for Grade 9 Harmony

Karen Chan for Grade 10 Harmony


Karen Chan for Grade 9 Harmony

Airlia Hie and Ruby Tang (tied) for Grade 10 Harmony


Airlia Hie for Grade 9 Harmony

Keaton Ollech and Patricia Yee (tied) for Grade 10 Harmony

Check out write ups fro 2012-2015 on the VCM website here

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